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Round Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns

Round Polyclassic Columns

The Round Poly-Classic Column is a favorite, one often chosen for its classic beauty and versatility. The round fiberglass column boasts unbeatable strength and an aesthetic that will enrich countless exteriors with timeless elegance, and stateliness.


Round Non-Tapered

round non tapered columnsThe Round Non-Tapered fiberglass column features a non-tapered shaft that maintains the same circumference throughout. This gives the column a bold and consistent appearance. The Round Non-Tapered FRP column is available with several distinctive and historically inspired capitals following Doric, Ionic and Corinthian design sensibilities. The Round Non-Tapered column is also available with smooth and fluted shafts.


Round Tapered

Round Tapered The Round Tapered fiberglass column features a shaft that gradually increases in circumference from top to bottom. This results in an architecturally correct column with an air of drama and elegance. As with our non-tapered columns, tapered columns are available with a full range of fully detailed capitals, as well as with smooth or fluted shafts.

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