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Poly-Classic Porch Columns

Throughout time and many locales, the porch has served many purposes, from providing shade for the walls of buildings, to serving as a place for entertaining, to a functioning as a storage area for messy outdoor gear. Today, the porch primarily enriches home exteriors while providing a relaxing outdoor living space.

As seen throughout many architectural styles, the porch and column go hand in hand. The column defines the porch, and can be seen adorning Georgian entryways and Colonial verandas alike. At Polyclassic Columns, we have a column for every porch, whether you require something classically inspired or traditional in form.

We offer architectural fiberglass columns that are suitable for use in load bearing applications. We also offer decorative columns that are so effective in wrapping existing porch support posts. Our column wraps also make installation easier than ever. If you are building or renovating an existing porch, we have a column for you.

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