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Column Capitals

We offer a complete selection of capitals that define and add beautiful detail to our column shafts. Column capitals are finely crafted in durable materials to bring you beauty and longevity.


Round Tapered Column Capitals

Tapered Round ColumnsWe offer a diverse selection of exquisite column capitals. They are classically inspired and molded in composite materials. Column capitals in this section reflect the renowned orders, including the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. They are the Roman Ionic, Scamozzi, Roman Corinthian, Temple of Winds, Roman Doric Ornamental, Greek Angular Ionic, Greek Erectheum, Empire and Tuscan.


Round Non-Tapered Column Capitals

The Round Non-Tapered Column is available with the Tuscan capital. The Tuscan can be viewed as a simplified version of the Doric capital. The design includes two contoured bands supporting a crisp square slab. Due to its simple beauty, the Tuscan is one of our most versatile capitals.


Square Fiberglass Column Capitals

The Square fiberglass column is crowned with the Tuscan capital. The Tuscan capital is a flexible and simply elegant choice. The Square Tuscan consists of crisp moldings echoed in the Square Tuscan base. Both capital and base combine to give the Square Column a balanced and versatile appearance.


Square Non-Tapered Cellular PVC Column Capitals

We offer the Square Non-Tapered Cellular PVC Column with two distinctly different capitals. The Tuscan is distinctly traditional, featuring elegant molding. The Standard is simple and understated yet robust.


Square Tapered Cellular PVC Column Capitals

The Square Tapered Cellular PVC Column is available with two capitals that compliment the elegant taper of the column. The Standard capital combines crisp and contoured forms. The Crown capital offers added height and enhanced detail through a flared form detailed with elegant moldings.

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