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Poly-Classic Gazebo Columns

Gazebo Columns

The gazebo conjures memories of balmy afternoons and peaceful views. Although found in many forms ranging from carved stone to modern steel frame and nylon cover, the gazebo most often serves as a place of rest and leisure from which one can relax in the shade while enjoying the open air. The gazebo is also employed for its aesthetic value.

The architectural column lends beauty and elegance to the relaxing character of the gazebo. Whether you are building a private garden gazebo or designing a large pavilion for a public park, our column selection has much to offer.

We offer a diverse range of both round and square columns for gazebos. Our product selection includes both tapered and non-tapered columns with or without fluting, and detailed capitals. Offering both load-bearing columns in various plans and decorative columns suitable for use as pole wraps, we have a solution for every project. 

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