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About Architectural Wood

Expect only the best from our selection of fine architectural wood columns. With us, there is an ideal wood column for every application. Classical columns within the Architectural Wood Series include architecturally accurate features and proportions, including tapering, entasis, Doric and Ionic fluting, and fully detailed capitals fully in step with the classical orders.

Architectural Wood columns are finely crafted and made to last. Individual column components are milled and painstakingly assembled to exact proportions using the strongest waterproof wood adhesives. We also offer exquisitely crafted column capitals carved with the artful detail that has a wonderful impact on your surroundings. In a careful process, each column is inspected by hand before delivery to ensure supreme quality.

Our wood column selection includes a diverse range of distinctive top quality wood species. You can order your column unfinished and ready for staining or finished in standard or custom stains. We also offer paint-grade wood columns to meet your needs. Our wood columns are treated with the wood preservative Woodtreat MB to allow for maximum compatibility with paints, stains and primers. Woodtreat MB also prevents warping, swelling, splitting, splitting, mildew and mold.

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