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Cellular PVC Columns

Our diverse column selection includes traditional Craftsman-style columns crafted in durable Cellular PVC. Cellular PVC composite columns are extruded and designed to retain the favored characteristics of painted wood columns without the typical wear and maintenance. They are thermally efficient and impervious to the effects of weathering, warping, rotting, decay, and insect infestations.


Square Tapered Columns

Square Tapered ColumnsSquare tapered cellular PVC columns include a stylish and dramatic taper. They make excellent half-columns for bungalow-style homes. We offer square tapered columns with smooth surfaces for a versatile, unadorned look, and with paneled surfaces when you desire an ideal amount of traditional detail.

Square Non-Tapered Columns

Square Non-Tapered ColumnsSquare non-tapered cellular PVC columns are a popular choice for porch and entryway enhancements. Like our square tapered columns, non-tapered columns are hollow and therefore perfect for concealing porch support posts, basement poles, wiring and plumbing. We offer square non-tapered columns with smooth, fluted and paneled surfaces.
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