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Round Columns

Round Columns

We are your source for finely crafted round architectural columns. We offer both round composite and wood columns to meet every project requirement in both exterior and interior applications. Our round columns are classically inspired and architecturally accurate, so they conform to traditional proportions; however, we also offer many columns in custom sizes to meet your needs.

Round Composite Columns

round Composite Columns Our round composite columns selection includes columns crafted in Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and in cellular PVC or PVC. FRP columns are an excellent choice for exterior applications. When you require an ultra-durable column, FRP has much to offer. It is similar to stone in appearance, but boasts tremendous strength, as it is today’s most advanced manufacturing material. They are also waterproof, fire-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Our round composite column selection also includes the PVC column, a more economical but equally attractive choice. Our cellular PVC columns are hollow, non-load bearing and perfect for wrapping existing support posts. They resist staining, warping, decay and insect infestations to bring you the traditionally beautiful and maintenance-free column that you’ve always wanted.


Round Wood Columns

When you require the natural warmth and texture of an authentic wood column, we have much to offer. A large product selection allows us to provide you with any classical column that you envision. We offer wood shafts, bases and capitals inspired by the Classical Orders, including Greek Doric, Roman Ionic, Roman Corinthian, and more. We offer fully detailed columns shafts that include tapers and fluting. Our wood columns are crafted in the finest wood species, such as Alder, Pine, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Red Oak and others, including paint-grade options.
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