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Architectural Wood Columns - Wood Species

When it comes to architectural enhancements, the natural warmth and texture of wood is incomparable. With that in mind, we offer Architectural Wood Columns crafted in a variety of fine wood species to compliment existing interiors and tastes, as well as paint-grade columns to meet the needs of every project.


The Black Alder used in manufacturing of wood columns belongs to the Birth family. Alder is range from reddish white or reddish yellow to reddish in color with a large pore structure.


The Cherry tree bears the sweet red fruit, renowned ornamental sakura blossoms, and provides a valuable hardwood. Cherry is reddish brown in color, and possesses a straight, tight grain that is particularly resistant to warping.


The wood of the Sugar Maple is extremely hard and fine-textured. Maple is pale in color.


Mahogany possesses a dark and rich reddish brown coloration that darkens over time. The grain is tight and straight.


Pine is an evergreen species. It is a pale wood; often creamy white to light brown in coloration, and often yellows over time. The texture of Pine is uniform and marked by annual rings.

Red Oak

The Red Oak is native to North America. The wood is famous for its toughness and weight, in fact, the oak has a long reputation as a symbol of strength and endurance. Red Oak has a reddish tinge often found near the knots.


Walnut is rich and dark in color; brown to medium brown. Walnut possesses a rich grain texture with a dark knot structure.

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