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Column Bases

We offer a variety of bases that compliment our architectural columns and column capitals. The base forms the foundation of the column, and so, our bases match our columns in beauty and durability. They are molded in advanced materials and designed to last.


Round Tapered and Round Non Tapered Fiberglass Column Bases

Round Fiberglass BaseWe offer two column bases in this category; the Tuscan and Attic. The Tuscan features a large torus resting atop a crisp, square base, and subtle molding adds enhanced detail. If you require a base with more flair, consider the Attic. The Attic includes a series of contoured moldings atop a square base.


Square Fiberglass Column Bases

Our Square Fiberglass Columns include Tuscan bases and capitals. The square Tuscan base includes traditional and basic moldings. The Tuscan compliments all square column styles, while adding detail and character to each.


Tapered Cellular PVC Craftsman Column Bases

Square Fiberglass BaseWe offer the Tapered Craftsman column with two detailed bases; the Standard and the Crown. The Standard base includes flared molding atop a crisp square slab. If you require a base with more detail, consider the Crown. It is taller than the Standard and has more contoured molding details.


Non-Tapered Cellular PVC Craftsman Column Bases

The Non-Tapered Craftsman Column is available with two distinctly different bases: the classic Tuscan and minimal Standard. The Tuscan base includes a torus atop a crisp, square base. In contrast, the Standard base is understated and versatile, featuring simplistic and robust form that places much emphasis on the column itself.

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