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Square Tapered Cellular PVC Columns

The PVC Craftsman column is the modern answer to the traditional wood column. Durable, low-maintenance and attractive, the PVC square tapered column is a versatile addition to homes crafted in traditional styles, including American Craftsman, Colonial, Prairie and Bungalow exteriors. The column includes an elegant taper that adds a bit of drama and elegance to this classic column. Square tapered PVC columns are thermally stable, non-porous and waterproof, and easy to work with.


Paneled Square Tapered Cellular PVC Columns

The paneled column offers a detailed alternative to the smooth column. The paneled column includes bold raised panels, resulting in a distinctly detailed column that retains its versatility.


Smooth Square Tapered Cellular PVC Columns

When you require a simple elegant column, the smooth column has much to offer. This versatile and flexible column features an unadorned surface. The design places an emphasis on the tapered form and detailed capital and base.

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