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Decorative Capitals and Bases

Our column selection includes a complete selection of capitals and bases that will define the column of your choice, imparting a refined and distinctly traditional appearance. Our capitals and bases are inspired by designs found in classical architecture, and molded in fiberglass or composite materials.


Column Capitals

Column CapitalsThe column capital that you choose will compliment and set the tone of your entire column. A variety of aesthetics can be achieved by envisioning different combinations of shaft, column and base. Whether you seek the lush detail of the Roman Corinthian or the elegant and proportioned scrolls of Greek Angular Ionic, we have what you require. Our column capitals are finely molded to bring you the rich detail that has a wonderful impact on your d├ęcor.


Column Bases

The base has much importance, as it forms the foundation of the column. With that in mind, we bring you a selection of detailed bases that compliment shaft and capital while giving your column a refined and sophistication appearance.

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