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When you require a traditional wood column that will lend ambience and striking elegance in both interior and exterior applications, we are your source. We offer finely crafted wood columns crafted in the spirit of the Classical Orders. Our product selection includes wood columns available in a variety of top quality wood species, including both stain grade and paint grade columns.


Corinthian Order The Corinthian column is defined by its festive capital, the most richly textured of the Classical Orders. The Corinthian column features a proportionally slender shaft crowned with a detailed capital enriched with acanthus and gracefully curling scrolls.

Greek Doric

Greek Doric ColumnThe Greek Doric column is the first of the Classical Orders, a characteristic reflected in the column’s versatile, simplified form and stocky un-tapered build. The Greek Doric column does not have a base and resists directly on the platform. The column includes crisp fluting that runs the length of the column, reaching from platform to simplified capital.


Ionic Columns The Ionic is the second column included in the Classical Order. The Ionic column, with its capital depicting a partially rolled scroll is the most unique and often considered the most elegant of the Classical columns. A proportionately elongated shaft resting on a detailed base accentuates the elegant design of the Ionic column.

Roman Doric

Roman Doric Columns The Roman Doric column is an enrichment of the Greek Doric. In response to a desire for greater ornamentation by the ancient Roman architects, the Doric column was refined and given elegant details, such as a base, astragal rings and an enriched capital.


Tuscan Columns The Tuscan Column is a later-day declaration of the ancient Roman architects; a simplified version of the original Greek Doric Column. The Tuscan is stocky in proportion. The shaft is unfluted and smooth.
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