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Decorating Ideas

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing exterior, we have the perfect column for you. We offer both composite and authentic wood columns designed to enrich your surroundings in countless applications and projects. Read on to discover just a few of many design possibilities.


Craftsman Style Ideas

Craftsman Style IdeasCraftsman columns are excellent additions to traditional exteriors and interior spaces. The Cellular PVC Craftsman column features clean lines and crisp simplicity that compliments many Arts and Crafts, Prairie and Cottage. Tapered Craftsman columns are also a popular choice in accenting Bungalow style homes. In addition, the Craftsman column is flexible in its simplicity, and works well with a diverse range of exteriors.


Gazebo Ideas

Our exterior columns are beautiful additions to outdoor living spaces, including gazebos. The gazebo enriches exterior spaces while providing a relaxing space from which one can enjoy the open air, natural lighting and peaceful view. Incorporate our finely crafted columns into your garden pavilion.


Patio Ideas

Patio ColumnsThe patio, which is commonly located in the secluded rear of a residence, often provides a peaceful haven. The architectural column adds beauty and grace to paved patio spaces.


Porch Ideas

Porch IdeasThe colonnaded portico is a symbol of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Since ancient times in sunny climates, the architectural column has defined exterior living spaces, as it continues to do so today. In a time when outdoor living is enjoying a resurgence, our architectural columns beautify outdoor retreats while enriching exteriors overall.

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