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Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns

Fiberglass Construction

Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns by Turncraft represent a marriage of traditional beauty and modern innovation. Now you can have the attractive and architecturally correct columns that you’ve always wanted, but with superior durability and many options.

Poly-Classic Columns are crafted in rotocast Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer, today’s most advanced manufacturing material. Fiberglass columns offer superior durability through a construction that boasts easy cleaning and maintenance, impact-resistance, and a design that is impervious to decay caused by moisture damage, fungus and insect infestations. Fiberglass architectural columns are stronger than marble, stone, wood and aluminum columns, well priced and easy to install.

Poly-Classic Column Styles and Applications

We offer Poly-Classic FRP columns in Classical and Craftsman styles. Classical columns include accurate features, such as tapering, entasis, fluting and defining capitals. Our square columns are an exceptional choice for porch applications. Our product selection includes both exterior columns suitable for use in load bearing applications, as well as purely aesthetic columns that are for use in non-load bearing, decorative applications. We offer columns in several plans and formats to meet your structural and aesthetic needs. Whether you seek a half column for a pilaster enhancement or a split column for easy installation around existing porch support posts, we have what you need.


Round Columns

Round ColumnsThe Round Poly-Classic Column is a favorite, one often chosen for its classic beauty and versatility. The round fiberglass column boasts unbeatable strength and an aesthetic that will enrich countless exteriors with timeless elegance, and stateliness.


Square Columns

Square ColumnsWe bring you square fiberglass Poly-Classic columns by Turncraft, a name synonymous with fine beauty, craftsmanship, and endurance. Square fiberglass columns are sure to provide the elegance and traditional character that you seek to achieve a desired Colonial look in exterior and interior applications.

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