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Poly Classic Patio Columns

Poly Classic Patio ColumnsThe word “patio” is derived from Spanish, meaning “garden” or “back yard”. Often existing as a more private and secluded version of the front porch, the patio offers relaxation in a peaceful and intimate setting. The patio has many forms, ranging from the colonnaded courtyards of old Europe to the smaller paved retreats of today’s urban population. In any form, the patio serves as a place for dining and socialization or solitude with a favorite book.

Whether shaded and covered or open and sunny, the patio can be greatly improved with our column selection. The column easily adds elegance to the patio, whether you seek stylish supports for larger courtyards or purely decorative details for smaller backyard areas.

The classically inspired column is a popular addition to the patio, one that can take you back to the ambient spaces of Old Europe. We offer both load bearing and non-load bearing columns in various plans to meet your needs, whether you seek a pair of pilasters, outside corner details or whole columns.

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