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Round Tapered Column Capitals

Our product selection includes a diverse range of column capitals that will define the column shaft of your choice. Our column capitals are classically inspired and wonderfully detailed for a sophisticated and authentic appearance.

Temple of Winds

The Temple of Winds features two courses of acanthus leaves supporting a deeply molded abacus. The design is crisp and simply elegant.

Roman Doric Ornamental

The Roman Doric Ornamental capital consists of concave and convex molding details supporting a flat abacus. The capital blends the simple beauty of the Doric column with richly textured decorative details, resulting in a column that is at once versatile and full of character.


Empire Column CapitalThe Empire capital is a variation of the classic Ionic. The Empire includes elegant scrolls turned out at the four angles, a historical technique that Roman architects used to make the scrolls more pleasing to the eye. Details include rosettes and egg and dart between the scrolls at the collar of the shaft, and a cap with concave sides.

Roman Corinthian

Roman Column CapitalThe Corinthian capital has festive and natural character. It features lush courses of finely detailed acanthus leaves crowned by a square slab or “abacus” elegantly detailed with concave sides.

Greek Angular Ionic

Greek Angular Ionic Column CapitalThe Greek Angular Ionic capital is very similar to the Empire; however, it lacks the rosette details located between the scrolls. The abacus, or cap includes small details that add texture to the crown of this elegant capital.


The Scamozzi capital is named in honor of the 16th and 17th century Italian architect. The Scamozzi offers a more petite alternative to the Empire and Greek Angular Ionic capitals. The Scamozzi includes deeply detailed, angled scrolls, rosettes, and an abacus with concave sides.

Greek Erectheum

The Greek Erectheum places an emphasis on the definitive Ionic scrolls, as they flare out past the square abacus. Additional details include egg and dart ornamentation at the collar of the column shaft.

Roman Ionic

The Roman Ionic capital includes original Greek Ionic scrolls accented by Roman ornamenting that gives the column a simply elegant yet richly textured appearance. This short capital places much emphasis on the column shaft.

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