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Round Tapered Fiberglass Column

The Poly-Classic Round Tapered Column features an enduring fiberglass construction that gives you the look and feel of stone with the modern durability of rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer. The Tapered Column includes a shaft with a circumference that increases gracefully from top to bottom. This results in a distinctly elegant column that creates a slight sense of enhanced height.


Smooth Tapered

Smooth TaperedThe smooth tapered column includes an unadorned shaft. This is an excellent choice when you require a minimally detailed and versatile column.


Fluted Tapered

Fluted TaperedThe fluted tapered column is architecturally correct and in step with historical column designs. The shaft is adorned with classical fluting, a feature that gives the column a richly textured and stately appearance. The fluted shaft compliments the detailed capital of your choice.
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