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Round Non-Tapered Columns

The Round Non-Tapered fiberglass column differs from many architecturally correct classical columns in that it does not include a taper. The Non-Tapered Column shaft maintains the same circumference throughout. This results in a robust column with a consistent appearance.

Smooth Non-Tapered

Smooth Non-Tapered ColumnsThe Smooth Non-Tapered fiberglass column includes a completely smooth shaft free of ornamentation. This column style is a versatile choice when you require a minimally detailed column. The smooth shaft allows the capital to provide the majority of the detail for the column as a whole.


Fluted Non-Tapered

The Fluted Non-Tapered column is distinctly classic in character. The column shaft is adorned with crisp fluting, a detail that gives the column a richly textured and elegant appearance.

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