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Paneled Square PVC Column

The paneled square PVC column offers an attractive balance between the richly textured and classically inspired fluted column and the unadorned smooth column. The paneled column features deeply recessed outlines accented by beveled, raised panels. The effect is elegant and distinctly traditional.

If you are looking for an alternative to the wood column, cellular PVC has much to offer. Paneled square columns are crafted in a durable, thermally stable extruded cellular PVC composite that brings you classic beauty and modern integrity. Square PVC columns possess a resistance to staining, cracking, and weathering that will keep them looking attractive through the years with little maintenance required. PVC columns are non-porous and waterproof, a feature that makes them impervious to the effects of humidity and damage caused by warping, decay and fungus. Each column is non-load bearing, hollow, and therefore perfect for concealing porch supports. E-Z Lock joints make installation easier than ever.

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