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About Poly Classic Columns

We offer Poly-Classic columns by Turncraft, a name associated with beauty, durability and innovative design. Poly-Classic columns are distinctly traditional, offering a modern alternative to columns crafted in marble, cast stone, wood and aluminum.

Poly-Classic Columns are crafted in rotocast Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), one of today’s most advanced manufacturing materials. FRP columns are molded with detail and they possess a look and feel similar to that of stone. Advanced manufacturing techniques produce a woven, reinforced composite with characteristics perfectly suited for the ideal architectural column.

The woven nature of the Poly-Classic column provides for superior impact-resistance compared to materials such as marble and stone, which can be particularly susceptible to cracking and chipping. FRP columns are non-porous and therefore resistant to damage caused by staining, weathering, humidity and decay. Poly-Classic columns are also fire-rated, boasting flame resistance. Poly-Classic columns include FlameGuard, and they are the first FRP columns surpassing ASTM E, 84-01 tests that measure flame spread and smoke development of building components in a fire.

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