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Fluted Square Non-Tapered PVC Column

Detailed fluting gives the square non-tapered column a richly textured and elegant appearance, marrying classical detail and Colonial style. The column includes four deeply recessed fluting panels, an excellent choice when you require a versatile column with distinct character.

The fluted non-tapered column is crafted in an extruded cellular PVC composite. This results in a durable and thermally stable column with a traditional appearance. PVC columns are remarkably durable, boasting resistance to staining, cracking, and weathering. A non-porous construction makes the column waterproof and impervious to warping, decay and fungus. In terms of feel, the PVC column is easy to work with and similar to White Pine in weight and consistency. The PVC column can be trimmed and adjusted with traditional carpentry tools. It blends with traditional materials and compliments existing exteriors overall.

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