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Round Non-Tapered Smooth Fiberglass Column

Round Non tapered SMooth Fiberglass ColumnsThe Poly-Classic fiberglass column selection includes the round non-tapered column, a simply versatile column with an equally versatile shaft. The shaft maintains its circumference throughout. The column includes an unadorned, smooth shaft, resulting in a minimally detailed column with the most detail found within the capital.

The round non-tapered column brings you the beauty of a stone column with distinct and strength and impact-resistant qualities. The column is marked by beauty, versatility and ease of installation. This column is available in many sizes to provide an ideal fit. We also offer the smooth column with finely detailed capitals so you can achieve the classical appearance that you seek. This column is available in several different plans, such as whole, split, and inside and outside corner, so whether you are covering existing support poles or creating a pilaster, the Poly-Classic fiberglass column selection will not disappoint.
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